CATALOG :: Alone in Eden

Alone in Eden
by Stephen R. Pastore

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D E S C R I P T I O N :
The Story of Adam & Eve’s first born before the Fall---Perfect and Immortal! Follow his journey through this first person account of the tragedy of evil and suffering in the wake of original sin and its ultimate consequences. It is an introspective study of good and evil, what could have been and what could still be. See Adam and Even, Cain and Abel – even Noah – as you have never seen them before. A truly fascinating fictional work sure to stimulate controversy and discussion as many unanswered questions are resolved in an imaginative and exciting narrative. A stunning and visually thrilling work that exercises both your intellect and imagination – and ultimately, your spirit. At fine bookstores everywhere.

R E V I E W S :

"Alone In Eden is a book that is destined to become a classic. Whether or not it is a 'bestseller' or will ever be one is a question that no reviewer can answer because predicting public taste is impossible. But this reviewer knows greatness when he sees it and I have seen it in Alone in Eden."
New York Review Books

"Alone in Eden is a great adventure story..."

"If you like the works of C.S. Lewis, you’ll enjoy Alone in Eden."

"Alone In Eden is an unforgettable book that gives a deep insight into what might have occurred during and after the time of the fall. It is truly unforgettable."
— TCM Reviews